Cavendish gang free Butch Cavendish

The is a fan created fictional story of the Lone Ranger.

Part 1Edit

On March 18, 1869, Reid is returning home via the uncompleted Transcontinental Railroad, managed by railroad tycoon Julius Bartholomew, en route to Colby, Texas to visit his older brother and Texas Ranger, Dan Reid. Unbeknownst to John, the train is also carrying outlaw Butch Cavendish, who is being transported for his hanging after being apprehended by Dan. Two Native American warriors, Tonto and Eve, got on the train to found an important item. Cavendish's gang, however, hijacks the train, which derails soon after, resulting in Butch escaping and Tonto's arrest by John and Dan. The elder Reid recruits John as a Texas Ranger and the two are enlisted to track down the Cavendish gang alongside a group of six other Rangers. 

Part 2Edit

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A few days into their expedition, the group is ambushed in a canyon by Cavendish's men who kill the Rangers, including Dan, who has his heart cut out and eaten by Butch himself. John is injured as well in the attack, only to be found and healed by Eve and Silver, a white spirit horse thought to be sacred by the Comanche. When Reid awakens, he is informed by Tonto of his new status as a "spirit walker" (one that has been to the other side), and reveals that he cannot be killed in battle. Tonto also confirms that Collins (one of the seven original Rangers) betrayed Dan and is working alongside Cavendish. As John is thought to be dead, he is made to wear a mask by Tonto to protect his identity as Butch would try and kill him permanently if he knew John had survived. He also gives John a silver bullet made from the fallen Rangers' badges and tells him to use it on Cavendish. Then Eve trains John but to no avail. The Lone Ranger, Tonto, Eve, and the horse go to a salon to get information.

Part 3Edit

There, they find Red Harrington, who gives them brief information about the fight between Dan and Collins over some silver rock. Cavendish's men begin raiding settlements near the Comanche-American border while disguised as Comanche Indians. John and Tonto arrive after one such raid abducts Rebecca and Danny Reid, Dan's widow and son, the former of whom shares a mutual attraction with John. John and Tonto follow one of Cavendish's horses in an attempt to find where Rebecca and Danny have been taken to. Collins, who regrets his actions against Dan, attempts to assist Rebecca and Danny in escaping, but is shot dead by Bartholomew, who rescues the mother and son. Assuming the raids are a sign that the Comanche have become increasingly hostile, Bartholomew announces the continued construction of the railroad and dispatches Captain Jay Fuller, who leads the United States Cavalry in an extermination campaign against the Comanche. A Comanche tribe captures John, Eve, and Tonto soon after they find railroad tracks in Comanche territory. The tribe leader tells John of the item Eve and Tonto are trying to find: two men Butch Cavendish and Julius Bartholomew were rescued from near-death by a young Tonto. They found a silver pocket watch in the river, and traded Eve a sacred necklace and Tonto a pocket watch to show them where the watch came from, which turns out to be an immense and undiscovered a lost city which possesses great power, along with the silver pocket watch. The men then murdered the entire tribe to keep the city, the watch, and their power a secret. Eve and Tonto have tried for years to retrieve the watch both to keep its power out of evil hand and to heal them of their guilt.

Part 4Edit

Eve and The Lone Ranger

The trio look for the lost city

The trio escape captivity as the Comanche attack the cavalry. Tonto and Eve leads John to the lost city, where they kill Cavendish's men and capture Butch. Tonto and Eve demands that John use the silver bullet kill Cavendish to avenge his brother's death, but he refuses and revealed to Tonto and Eve what the Comanche chief told him, as well as discarding the mask. Tonto attempts to kill Cavendish, but John knocks him unconscious, tires Eve up, and decides to bring in Butch alive, both honoring his oath as a prosecutor and hoping to end the coming war. Upon returning Cavendish to Julius Bartholomew and Captain Jay Fuller's custody, Batholomew's role in the lost city operation and his plan to use the cursed pocket watch for power and domination is revealed. Fuller is swayed to side with Cole out of fear that if his actions were to be publically revealed, he'd be charged as a war criminal. Meanwhile, Rebecca is kept on his personal train as a trophy wife and held hostage against John, who is being brought on the train back to the lost city to be executed. However, he is rescued by Eve and Tonto and the three flee the city
John confronts Julius

John confronts Julius about his plans for the silver pocket watch

. Realizing the men's corruption, John decides to become an outlaw which Tonto gives the mask back to him. The trio rob a bank containing explosives and use them to destroy the bridge connecting the railroad's tracks to Comanche territory.

Part 5Edit

The Lone Ranger vs Cavendish

The Lone Ranger vs Cavendish

As the railroad is completed, Bartholomew announces to the railroad owners that he will be buying out the company using the funds obtained by selling the gold and silver from the lost city, which has been collected and stored on his personal train. With help from Red, John, Eve, and Tonto manage to stop the cavalry and steal Bartholomew's personal train with the silver and gold. A prolonged two-train fight occurs, during which Fuller is killed by falling off a train, Cavendish is killed by being hit by one of the opposing trains, and Rebecca is rescued by jumping onto John's horse. Julius decides to use the watch to destroy Tonto and Eve. He's disarmed by John after he fires the silver bullet. Tonto and Eve reveals himself to Bartholomew, as the boy and girl he traded the pocket watch with years earlier. Tonto took the powerful pocket watch from Bartholow and the two escape the train. The sequence culminates with Bartholomew, his train, and the silver crashing with the explosives. The bridge severes and crashes into the river below. The town and railroad enterprise recognize John (whose identity is still unknown to them) as a hero and offer him a law-enforcement position, since the town's rangers were all killed. John declines, and he, Eve, and Tonto ride off to enforce justice.

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