This is a fan made story about the adventures of the Lone Ranger.

Part 1 Edit

Tex hex bravestarr by jenl-d4x1cj1

Major Hex

Major Tecax Hector Hex, a former army officer court-martialed by General and President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, runs a ruthless outlaw organization. In a plot to kidnap Grant, rule the nation as a dictator, and declare Texas a sovereign nation. In the Oklahoma Territory in 1870.  A farmer named Jurgens is awakened by the sound of horses approaching his home.   A group of bandits with mask over their head demand a longbox filled with money.   Jurgens responds to their demands by shooting one of the bandits in the shoulder.   Jurgens' wife comes to see what has happened and gets shot.   The bandits escape as Jurgens heals his wife.The bandits return soon after for the strongbox and their vengeance and Jurgens is waiting for them.  They surround him ready for the kill until the Lone Ranger, Eve, and Tonto rides in and disarms them by shooting their guns from their hands. The Lone Ranger unmask the bandits and asks them why they come hunting Jurgens and his family.  The unmask man screams at Jurgens and claims he was owed $8 and refused to pay him so he came shooting.The Lone Ranger relates with the death of family and helps Jurgens move on and the family goes on with their life in the hard and untamed Wild West.

Part 2 Edit

The Lone Ranger, Tonto, and Eve ran into Danny, riding on a horse with a man. Danny told them that Colby

The Lone Ranger, Eve, and Tonto at the Town Meeting

was being terrorized by Native American and Latham Cole, Mayor of Colby,  is issuing a war.  They all rode back to Colby. Days later, they attained a town meeting about the conflict between Native Americans. Cole said “We’ve to stop the destruction of the Cherokee tribe”. Then he issued a group of soldiers to arrest any Native American that appears in Colby. Then Cole sees Tonto and Eve. He ordered the soldiers to arrest them. The soldiers captured Eve and Tonto and put them in jail. The Lone Ranger argued with Cole to let them out, but he wouldn’t listen. The Cherokee Tribe heard about Tonto and Eve’s arrest and they became enraged. That night, the Cherokee warriors snuck on trains to assassinate the soldiers and law officials. They also set Town Hall on fire.  

Part 3 Edit


The Lone Ranger meets the Cherokee tribe

The Cherokee tribe captured the Lone ranger soon after he discovered what the Cherokee had done. The tribe leader tells him that Cole and Major Hex plan to rule the nation. Meanwhile, Eve and Tonto broke out of jail and saw that Cole locked citizens who didn’t agree with his handling of the Cherokee tribe.  They freed the trapped captives.  Meanwhile,  The Lone Ranger and the Cherokee tribe went to Cole’s mansion to confront him. When they got there, The Lone Ranger told Cole and Hex that he knows about their sinister plan. Then Hex ordered a firing line on them. Suddenly, silver caused a giant fire by knocking over a broken lantern and a broken barrel of nitroglycerin. Eve and Tonto arrived and got the Cherokee tribe
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Eve and Tonto free Cole's prisoners

and the Lone Ranger out of danger. The Lone Ranger, Eve, and Tonto were left with no choice: Cole and Hex must be stopped by any means necessary.  

Part 4 Edit


Cole announces his plan to President Grant

The next day, Cole announces to President Grant and his advisors that he and Hex will recreate the nation as a sovereign nation. With help from Danny and Rebecca, Eve, The Lone Ranger and Tonto manage to stop the cavalry and save the president and his advisors. Cole and Hex escaped on a train and Tonto, Eve, and the Lone Ranger followed them. Tonto and the Lone Ranger took an abandoned wagon and Eve rode on Silver. As they followed  Cole and Hex,  Cole’s advisors shot at Tonto and the Lone Ranger. This fight ended with Cole’s advisors were captured by the Cherokee tribe, Rebecca, and Danny Reid.  The Lone Ranger and Tonto rode next to the train and jumped on. When they got on the train, the Lone Ranger
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The Legend of the Lone Ranger

asked a little boy where Hex and Cole were. The little boy told them that they were in the royal compartment. When they got there, Hex had a canon ready for them. Hex fired it at them and the cannonball missed. Suddenly, Eve told Tonto and the Lone Ranger to jump off the train. They did and Eve disconnected the royal compartment with the rest of the train. Tonto said “They got away”. Then Eve said “No they didn’t”. Suddenly, Cole and Hex were captured by the Cherokee tribe at the end of the train line. The town and the presidency recognize the Lone Ranger as a hero. He, Eve, and Tonto ride off to enforce justice. 


The Lone Ranger: Rise of the Native Americans

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